Only the No Can Save the Euro – by James K. Galbraith

Yanis Varoufakis

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The truth about Riga

When so much ‘journalism’ is fiction we do not know how much of what we read has been created to tell a story of distortion and innuendo. Newspapers are required to carry a warning on articles that are a promotion of commercial interest and head it – Advertisement Feature. Perhaps it is time for the creative output of quasi journalists to have their reports marked – Warning – this article contains fictional reporting and readers should not assume it is accurate.

Yanis Varoufakis

It was the 24th of April. The Eurogroup meeting taking place that day in Latvia was of great importance to Greece. It was the last Eurogroup meeting prior to the deadline (30th April) that we had collectively decided upon (back in the 20th February Eurogroup meeting) for an agreement on the set of reforms that Greece would implement so as to unlock, in a timely fashion, the deadlock with our creditors.

During that Eurogroup meeting, which ended in disagreement, the media began to report ‘leaks’ from the room presenting to the world a preposterously false view of what was being said within. Respected journalists and venerable news media reported lies and innuendos concerning both what my colleagues allegedly said to me and also my alleged responses and my presentation of the Greek position.

The days and weeks that followed were dominated by these false stories which almost…

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